[Vor Ort] Winterbeginn

Ein Bericht von Lucy Hunton aus einem Camp in der Nähe von Nea Kavala in Griechenland. In der Reihe „Vor Ort“ Berichten wir gelegentlich von der Situation von Geflüchteten in Griechischen Camps, angesichts der prekären Verhältnisse durch die winterlichen Bedingungen. Yesterday was a tough day for people in Nea Kavala camp, with a huge amount of rain and flooding. It was especially bad for those families still having to live in tents. Their clothes and belongings were soaked, and the ground they are supposed to sleep on, became a lake. Still, the unbelievably bright spirit of the amazing and everyday people living here, shone through. Omar (from Iraq), spent the day alongside residents and volunteers in the pouring rain, in his trainers, helping to dig the tents out of water. Every day, he’s helping people in the camp however he can, and caring for the dogs and cats. Afshin (from Iran), helped with translation. Standing in huge puddles in the rain, in his sandals and hoodie, he helped to organise for families, some including new-born babies – to stay overnight in our day centre, rather than sleep in flooded tents with wet blankets. Everyone pulled together to support each other, and people turned up to attend English classes and activities. The other NGO in the camp, (A Drop in the Ocean), provided blankets and sleeping bags. Around 70 people slept last night in a big marquee in the camp, usually used for community activities. Today, the community organised and called on the camp management to provide alternative, suitable accommodation. They are waiting for the answer. Currently, there remain around 200 people – babies, children, women and men – whose only accommodation is a tent. What is needed, is proper accommodation, that is dry, warm and safe – especially as winter is just around the corner. No one should have to live in a tent. Quelle: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=166168684760177&id=100041011398377&sfnsn=mo